Which Rooms In Your House Require Wallpapering?

The resurgence of wallpaper is gaining people’s interest incredibly. This decorative item has done a marvelous job in the improvement and has become better than ever. Undeniably, wallpaper is the fastest and quickest way to create the desired look in your personal space. Wallpaper is the single most transformative element that gives an instant punch and enhances the beauty of your house. It has come a long way over the decades; with breathtakingly gorgeous fresh designs and uses, wallpapers have made everyone’s home interior designing process pretty easier. 

Wallpapers have given stiff competition to the paint industry. They have made people skip the coat of paint and, in lieu, add some updated, cheeky, colorful patterns and prints with wallpaper to lift their home’s energy. Without any doubt, wallpaper converts a blah-boring room into something magical and exciting. It is a beautiful design tool. So, are you all ready to ditch the misconception and latch on to some great ideas to add fun to the walls of your house with wallpapers? However, if you are a little afraid or nervous about adopting and installing wallpaper in your whole home, check out below some of the best places where you should use wallpaper. 

Five best places to use wallpapers in home

1. Bedroom

You spend almost half of your day in the bedroom, so embellishing it with beautiful patterns and colors is of utmost importance. The wallpaper on the bedroom walls will enhance the beauty and make your space more inviting and charming. You will indeed love how the wallpaper will showcase the bed, create a focal point, and draw you into the room. Adhesive wallpaper is a perfect choice you can make while selecting the wallpaper for your house. 

Unquestionably, you will have endless options when it comes to selecting the wallpaper for your bedroom. With the idea of installing floral walls and geometric prints, you can create a wholesome subtle, bold and feminine vibe. Moreover, on a special note, one accent wall is perfect if you’re intimidated by wallpaper and want to start small, and it is also reasonably inexpensive. Instead of depending on the old paint hacks, give wallpaper a try. You’ll love it!

2. Bathroom

Bathroom wallpaper

The bathroom is the best space to inculcate the use of wallpaper, especially when you are new to it. However, considering the factors like humidity, water splashing, and moisture, many people change their mindset about installing wallpapers in the bathroom. But here’s the solution, you can positively say a big yes to solid vinyl, fabric-backed vinyl, or paper-backed vinyl wallpaper for your bathroom. These scrubbable and strippable wallpaper are resistant to these factors. 

Even though the bathroom is a small area, the wallpaper in this room adds drama and incorporates fun patterns. Honestly, bathrooms are one of the most fun spaces to put wallpaper within. Especially if it’s a powder bath because it’s a small enough room and one that you won’t get sick of. And if it’s a space for guests, wallpaper for bathroom will always be wow-ing up your room.

3. In the kitchen

The most authentic place of every home is the kitchen. And incorporating wallpaper into it is a worthwhile idea. It is not always necessary to decorate only the walls with wallpaper; you can easily install paper on the back of cabinets. You can also make your kitchen captivating by wallpapering the pantry or sideboard, which supplementary highlights your classic crockery. Moreover, if you have a recessed ceiling detail from a cove or another architectural element in your kitchen, consider wallpaper with coordinating wall color.

4. Living room

Everyone wants their living room to look more ravishing, and what can be better than including wallpaper in it. But somehow, selecting the wallpaper for your living room is a bit difficult because you have to mix and match the things with furniture and artistry pieces. You can undoubtedly make up your mind about tropical prints and bright floral prints wallpaper for your living room. They will precisely tie in with other elements in the room, such as the table and chairs. With classy and decorative wallpapers, you could even have little next to no decor to make a significant impact.

5. Home office

And finally, it’s the turn of the office. The workplace of your home should always be congenial, collaborative, positive, passionate, and creative.  And the only thing that can make your home office look like your dream one is wallpaper. You can always start the makeover of your office by considering bringing faux brick wallpaper. It looks super cool, plus it gives the illusion of a brick wall for a much lower cost. Moreover, you can also put your hands on the subtle yet chic wood patterned wallpapers to bring peace and a sense of professionalism to your office. 


The trend of wallpaper is prospering day by day. Wallpaper is very much in fashion and undoubtedly always will be. Additionally, the list of advantages of wallpapering is endless, which definitely makes it a people’s choice. They are cost-effective, user-friendly, and most importantly, convenient and accessible. They are easier to clean than painted walls.

Moreover, a proper installation by a professional wallpaper hanger and high-quality paper is critical. Other than the walls of your room, the joy of wallpaper is that you can quickly put the most amazing pattern on your ceilings, creating a fantastic new way to decorate a room. So, all in all, this decorative element will never let down your expectations and is indeed a great addition to your wholesome dwelling place. 

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