Tiрs tо Hаve а Modern Viсtоriаn Living Rооm Designs

It is well known that decorating your home is not an easy task. It takes a lot of time, patience, and expense to decorate your home. The main reason people search for Victorian living room designs is that this style helps them save money, space, and time.

Modern Victorian living room designs accommodate great color combinations used in different ways. They can be blended together to enhance the beauty of your room. To have the best combination of colors, you can take the help of a color wheel where you can understand the different combinations and choose accordingly.

You must select colors that complement each other; choosing colors that do not go with each other can make the walls look clumsy. With this type of style, you can also use different wallpapers to get the final look. You can also match your wallpapers with the floorings to get a stunning appearance without spending a lot on furnishings and decor.

What is Victorian Living Room Design?

victorian living room

The Victorians were considered royals back in the day. Everything was about modernization and capturing the natural essence. This look is all about embodying that spirit. If you’re willing to try this traditional style mixed with contemporary designs, this could be perfect for your next living room design!

What’s Involved?

A modern Victorian living room design usually focuses on color schemes. Although many experiments can be done with this style, it’s often a mixture of muted pinks, yellows, and whites. The furniture fabric is selected based on the wall colors and how it can create a contrast yet feel a part of the room. Sometimes a patterned fabric is also used to complement the overall look of the room. 

There is a lot of detailed carving around the home to mimic the designs of the Victorian era. Many of these modern sets also have a gothic feel, so you might find certain items to bring that out.

This style of the interior has a lot of connection with art. Hence whenever you consider designing your room and giving it a Victorian look, then you should be ready to open your home for a lot of art that synchronizes with the era’s looks. The art should capture the essence of Victorian designs. The lavish style is very hard to capture when the space is less, but it is possible. You have to smartly play with furniture and art if you want to create a Victorian design in a smaller space.

Add vintage art pieces to the spaces once you have the color scheme set up with your furniture selections. You can also use some vintage collectibles to give you the perfect setting. You can always use some fresh flowers to bring freshness to the Victorian vibe.

Decorating the walls is the essential part of creating this look. It would be best if you chose some faded colors so you create the most authentic Victorian design. It will also give a light and airy look. You can always use art to fill in spaces where the wall looks empty; if not, then you can always use patterned wallpaper to give a desirable look.

You can also put up some wallpaper with another pattern above the painted walls to enhance its looks. You could also experiment with deep rich reds or blues that really stand out against everything else but always remember to balance it perfectly. It might be just what you need!

Examples of Modern Victorian Living Room Designs

A Lamp- 

The first thing a visitor notices is the lighting, and a lamp in your room goes well with the Victorian design. It is a great way to bring Victorian influence into your room. A Victorian-style standing lamp brings the furniture and wallpaper together. It blends in with walls and floors so well that it becomes an inevitable part of the whole setup. 

Coordinated Curtain Rods- 

At first, they may look like decoration pieces, but they have a purpose too. They are actually what holds up the curtains. They blend in perfectly with everything else but still stand out because of their unique style. The shape creates a fantastic contrast! 

Pretty Curtains with Additional Detailing:

To further tie in the Victorian-era designs, you can add thick curtain panels! While they can be drawn back when needed, they’re thicker than most modern curtains. You could also add a bit of lace or other detailing to the edge to bring out the perfect look.

Chaise lounges:

Finally, you have what might be the focal point of this room: the chaise! It’s upholstered with a textured fabric, and it almost looks like it is right from the previous era. If you place it by the window, light from the window helps draw attention here.

Artistic Ceiling Designs:

A true Victorian ceiling stands out with its amazing designs! The ceilings from the Victorian Era show that art can be displayed on the ceiling as well. Great details in designing are done when it comes to the ceiling. The artistic design is what gives the whole room an instant Victorian look. 

Sunny Ceiling: 

The sunny ceiling can be made with a much lighter design than everything else around it. This way, it will continue with the theme of light and airy designs, which goes well with the rest of the modern Victorian living room designs!

A Table: 

Another great piece to add is the table. It can be upholstered in different textures, giving it even more character than before. It would make a wonderful coffee table, especially when you add in some books or other bits of color!


Last but not least, this room has some wonderful accessories added that are synchronous with the theme. Here you use a nice vase filled with bright red flowers, as well as some comfy plush pillows. These just add the touch of modernization, but they’re what makes the room look classy!


So as you can see, there are many different ways to create that Victorian style in your home. It might not be the most popular theme anymore, but it’s always nice to have a touch of class and sophistication around! Try mixing and matching some of these tips for an amazing look.

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