Modern farmhouse wall decor Ideas To Get That Perfect look!

Decorating a house can be time taking especially if you’re not used to doing it. There are many factors to consider when decorating a room, especially the walls. 

This article will give you some insight on how to approach your modern farmhouse wall decor and why it’s so important. You should have an idea of different kinds of themes that would go well with the rest of the house before jumping to conclusions over styling the room. 

Doing this may seem tedious, but it actually isn’t. You can get various ideas by seeing other people’s work too. You can get a better understanding of what areas need improvement or which ones can be used as it is.

Why Should You Decorate Your Walls in Modern Farmhouse Style? 

The walls are the main attraction in any room, as it is what people first notice when they walk into a house or apartment. So it is important that you try to make them look as aesthetically pleasing as possible. 

One way of accomplishing this is by using modern farmhouse wall decor. It is very versatile and unique and can completely change the whole look of your house. From wooden framed mirrors to white cabinets that have a distressed finish or old-fashioned blackboards with fun chalkboard drawings on them, each of these pieces are bursting with character making your room seem brighter than before. 

 It’s easy to incorporate modern elements to create modern farmhouse wall decor and give a charismatic look to your room. For example, you could add a beautiful chandelier above the dining table for a chic look, or you can use shiny silver plates and cups to accentuate the overall ambiance.

The best thing about modern farmhouse wall decor is how you can add minute twerks to the original decor every now and then and still look amazing. This means you don’t have to dent your pockets for trying out new styles. You can have a sense of freshness in your room whenever you like. So once you get bored with one, you can easily change the settings with different colors or patterns. You can do this without the need to repaint your entire living room, as that would be very stressful and time-consuming. No matter what your personal style is, there’s something guaranteed on this list that will catch your eye because of its captivating charm. So feel free to explore all ideas below because each one of them is unique in its own way.

Modern farmhouse wall decor Ideas

1.White cabinet with a distressed finish

A gorgeous cabinet will definitely add a pop of color to any room, especially when you add in the flowers giving it an aged yet romantic vibe. The white distressed cabinet finish is pretty self-explanatory and actually only requires two steps: sand down your cabinet and then paint over it with a coat of white latex paint. After it dries, simply distress the wood to give it an authentic aged look, and your decor is complete!

2. Blackboard Modern Farmhouse Wall Decor

Blackboard wall decor

The inspiring blackboard design is perfect for the kitchen or dining area, which is why it features a gold-framed window as well as some plants hanging from the pot rack above the sink. The blackboard itself is very spacious, allowing you to write anything you want, like grocery lists or special meal ideas, without running out of room. This type of wall decor is definitely a great way to save money. You don’t have to buy many expensive pieces of artwork and have the freedom of being able to use it more than once.

3.Hanging Herb Garden            


Hanging Herb Garden          

A hanging herb garden may seem a bit strange to some people, but it can actually be rather useful. You have easy access to fresh herbs right outside the kitchen door whenever you need them. Moreover, this design also makes a wonderful accent piece as well so even if you don’t use the herbs, they still look stunning sitting up on a shelf. You can also wrap little lights around the frame that hold them up. The best part about this is that you can move them around and place them wherever you like as they aren’t attached to anything.

4.Hanging Pots       


Hanging Pots

Another great idea for adding color to the walls is hanging pots with fresh flowers inside them, giving it the springtime feel throughout the entire room without putting in much work. You could either choose potted plants or succulents depending on your personal preference, but both look equally nice sitting up on shelves next to each other because of their bright colors. You can also go for inspirational quotes written on the hanging pots so you can be creatively inspirational.

5.Wooden Wall Decor 

If you want to experiment with farmhouse wall decor, then you can always trust wooden wall decor. You can add wood as a background on the wall you want to transform or make compartments made out of wood to enhance the look of the wall. Some people also choose the wood storage for fire mantles as a design Concept for wall decor. This concept is very old yet very chic and elegant.


As you can see, wall decor is definitely not art where you need to have a bunch of random objects just sitting around in order to make it look good. If anything, it’s actually the complete opposite. Having too much stuff makes it easy for things to look cluttered and messy rather than stylish, so using some of the above-given styles can be a very creative way to decorate your house. When it comes to making your house look like a piece of art with elegance and class, you should stick to farmhouse wall decor as you have so much to experiment with.   

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