Modern Farmhouse Decor! Here’s Why Everyone Loves It!

Everyone wants a piece of Modern Farmhouse Style! It’s beautiful, charming and full of life. In essence, it is the perfect balance between new & old, rustic and refined; you just can’t go wrong with that type of decorating style, especially if you love to mix different elements from different styles into your interior design.

This recent decorating trend is the perfect representation of what’s hot in interior design at this very moment. It shows how you can make an old concept new again by adding your own personal touch to it.

Value of this decor.

Modern Farmhouse Design is all about finding that perfect balance between modern and country design.

Many people find this decorating style so attractive because it can easily elevate the look of any home without costing much. It’s the ideal decorating style for those who want to add warmth and comfort but don’t want to overdo and spend a lot on expensive detailings. When done right, Modern Farmhouse Style creates an ambiance that feels comfortable as well as inviting at the same time.

Why is Modern Farmhouse decor trending? 

The Modern Farmhouse Style is all about mixing, matching, and changing things up a bit. You’ll see that some people go for a more rustic look by adding rugged, recycled pieces and old materials that have been used before. On the other hand, many prefer a more elegant style with clean lines and modern statement pieces.

The Farmhouse decor mixes many aspects from different times into one unique design concept. Among them, you will find a perfect amalgamation of vintage elements to industrial objects combined together in a quirky yet creative way.

The modern Farmhouse decor is a good option for those who enjoy being surrounded by distinctive designs that add life to the room. It’s also perfect for those who don’t want to follow mainstream trends and have the courage to break out of it and let their own style be visible in their design projects.

As a matter of fact, this style will work for any type of decorating project because it is all about bringing a casual and creative vibe into your house. It’s a great option if you have a family because it will make everyone feel at home & comfortable in the space they live in.

Is the Modern Farmhouse Decor trend worth the hype?

modern farmhouse kitchen

It isn’t a surprise that this decorating concept is getting more and more popular every day. As mentioned before, it’s all about mixing, blending, and changing things up a bit to create a unique interior design style that perfectly suits your personality. As long as you have the courage to experiment with colors & materials, give wings to your ideas and let your imagination fly, you will be able to create a space that truly represents who you are and what you like.

The Farmhouse style has been around for centuries as it was quite popular in the 18th century with those living on farms. However, it was not much of a style but a way of living where practicality mattered. As time passed by, this trend didn’t stick around for too long. It wasn’t until recently that it came back with a modern approach, so people enjoyed its casual and rustic vibe once again.

As far as the Farmhouse interior decor is concerned, you can place it anywhere in your house & enjoy all of its benefits without having to worry about specific placement rules because this trend doesn’t have any. Instead, you can bring it into your kitchen, living room, bedrooms & even bathrooms.

If you opt for a more rustic look, then the Farmhouse decor will blend perfectly in your bedroom space, creating a soft, cozy environment to help you relax after a long day at work.

If you’re more of an elegant and sleek design favoring-person who loves proper structure & modern shapes, then you can go for a more contemporary Farmhouse style with crisp white surfaces and minimalistic furniture pieces. The result will be totally different than what you would get in your bedroom, but yet it will still look very stylish and chic.

How to add a Farmhouse Decor Touch in your home?

Here are some tips for answering the “how.”

#Tip 1 

For example, if you want to bring an old rustic vibe into your bedroom, then you can choose some rugged decor for the walls and combine them with furniture pieces that look vintage. You can even go one step further and use wooden beams on the ceiling and mix different types of flooring like tiles and rugs.

#Tip 2

For the living room, you can choose to go with a classic Farmhouse look by using wooden beams on the ceiling, feature walls in contrasting paint colors, and furniture pieces that don’t blend together. You can also opt for some distressed finishes & slightly mismatched chairs with furnishings to give it that casual, laid-back vibe.

#Tip 3

Now let’s move on to kitchens where this trend works perfectly well if you want to create an intimate space for your family. You can either use your kitchen island as an elegant dining table or turn it into a casual countertop where everyone can enjoy their meals together.

#Tip 4

As far as the bathroom is concerned, this decor can be used to create a relaxing space that will help you get rid of all the stress after a long day at work. You can use potted plants, add brick or stone textured walls, and even place some rustic wooden beams on the ceiling so this interior design look truly comes together.

#Tip 5

When it comes to colors & materials, there are no specific rules here but what’s more important is how bold you want to go when combining different shades & textures. For example, if you decide to go for a pale blue color for the living room walls, then adding bright red furniture pieces in contrasting colors might make it look chaotic and take away the calming vibe, which is not something you would want in such a space.

Final thoughts:

Some amazing interior design ideas are discussed in the article that will inspire you to choose this modern minimalistic trend for your own home. Now it’s up to you to opt for the best ideas and make your home a work of art. 

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