Lipstick Plant- Growing and Care Tips

Who doesn’t like brightening up their home or garden? And if you want a flower to do that for you, the lipstick plant is just what you are looking for. The scientific name of this “plant” is Aeschynanthus radicans and has about more than 150 different species. Its presence will entirely transform your home with its unique blooms and shining appearance. And the best part is that it is a great companion. 


It can survive in indoor and outdoor spaces if you provide proper growth conditions and care. So, how to go about it? Let’s find out now!

Lipstick Plant Grow and Care 

Many factors contribute to growing the lipstick plants successfully. The following are some guidelines that will help you keep your plant in the best growing condition. 

Lighting needs: These plants enjoy some bright light but indirectly. So, please give it a bright sunny window. But anything more than that can burn the foliage. However, that won’t be an issue if you grow them indoors. Contrary to that, if you want to take this vibrant flower outside, you must always choose a shady spot. 

Watering requirements: It is another requirement that is a part of its care routine. If you add too much water, it won’t go well with it. You must wait until the first few inches to dry before you start watering again. It could be around ten days. And you could push it even further during winters. Make sure that you drill a drainage hole in the pot to take care of overwatering. 

Soil needs: Using well-drained soil can prevent you from overwatering the plants. You can use regular soil added with peat moss in it. It will help increase aeration. 

Temperature and Humidity: This plant is from a tropical environment. So, this plant usually loves warmer and humid spaces. Typically, it is between 70 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. But ensure never to let the temperature be as low as 50 degrees, or it won’t survive. 

If it’s growing in the summer, your normal room temperature is fine. However, in winters, try to go for occasional misting with water using a spray bottle. 

Pruning: While it isn’t vital, you can always snip off ends of stems that are dry. This will encourage bushier growth. You must know that flowers form at the tips of these leaves. By doing so, you can have an opportunity to create more space for flowers. 

Remember, this plant takes a bit too long to start rooting. Ideally, it takes approx. two months if you keep the soil a bit moist and keep it in moderate light. With this, you will get a whole new vibrant lipstick plant. 

Tips to remember

If you want to try your hand at growing this plant as a part of your gardening project, here are some tricks that you must know. 

  • A hanging basket is usually a good option for cascading lipstick vine. You can do the same on wood slabs. Just make sure to adequately moist it.
  • Ensure it gets good light. And if you grow it from cuttings, keep the temperature around 70 degrees F if you want it to blossom successfully. 
  • Since it is originally from a tropics area, you must keep the humidity higher. 
  • Look for the signs of brown edges. It could be a sign of less water or too much sunlight. 


Lipstick plant care is effortless. All you need is to use every element correctly, along with an excellent organic pesticide. And you will have a vibrant lipstick plant garden!