10 Japanese Interior Designs To Bring Naturalness And Zen To Your House

Zen is a mental state, which brings the person to discover inner peace. The strategies for developing the Japanese Interior Design reflect this concept of finding harmony with nature and harmony between people.

The Japanese interior design reflects much more than just common interior design ideas; it reflects the union of eastern spirituality with western technology into an unique design style that has inspired both designers and homeowners. If you are interested in adding that touch of calmness, tranquility, openness and serenity to your home or office interiors, read on!

Zen And Naturalness In Japanese Interior Design

With its minimalistic decoration style , Zen appeals to those who seek simplicity . It encourages us to remove clutter from our homes and minds as well as promote naturalness by favoring organic patterns and natural materials. There is a sense of serenity that comes from it as well as a desire to connect to the natural world around us .

In today’s hectic lifestyle , Zen design can help you find calmness and tranquility in your home. Its style is simple, elegant, and understated, which makes it applicable to almost any interior.

There are different ways to use Japanese Interior Design in your daily life, but they all revolve around simplicity and serenity . Here we will show you how you can bring this oriental concept into your homes:

First things first – do not just walk into a store and buy anything that looks like Japanese Style; research carefully! You might want to focus on the elements that reflect Zen, like natural patterns (round shapes) or simple decoration (less is more).

Don’t buy into the mass marketed “Japanese Style” which you can find everywhere. Look for inspiration in Japanese movies, art galleries, books; real life sources of Japaneseness . Designers often look to nature when designing a Japanese-style space and an interior garden could be a great addition to your home!

Outdoor Japanese Gardens provide a source of peace and serenity within our fast paced lives. The use of foliage combined with flowing water creates a sense of peace in any environment. Try placing a Japanese fountain near a window to create interest from both inside and out. You could also simply add an indoor plant or two to bring the garden indoors.

Make sure you have enough natural lighting in your home, but think carefully about where you place your light sources! For example, if you are placing a table under a window, make sure it is far away from the window so that the sunlight does not affect your tabletop.

Also think creatively about how you can use low-level lighting around your living areas to create an atmospheric feel within your interior design. For example, replace traditional recessed lights with pendant lamps or downlights to give rooms that true Zen feeling of calmness and serenity .

For even more inspiration check out these great ideas for using Japanese Design in your home!

The following list is a compilation of the best 10 Japanese interior design ideas that you can try in your home.

1) Oriental Isolation Coves

To give the illusion of a freestanding Japanese effect, use an Isolation Cove in your bathroom or laundry room. These are also useful for creating space in smaller bathrooms where every square inch counts!

2) TIPI Outdoor Lounges

An outdoor lounge is an essential to help you relax in the great outdoors. The Japanese inspired Tipi Lounge allows you to sit underneath its sheltering frame while feeling one with nature . You can create this same sense of peace and harmony indoors by placing this type of lounge under a large bay window.

3) Seating Nooks

Create your own nook within your living area using floating shelves or timber panelling instead of walls to separate spaces. This will give rooms that open feel which encourages communication between family members.

4) False Ceiling

If your living area is particularly dark, no need to fret! A false ceiling will not only give you more light but create that added sense of space. You can opt for a drop ceiling which adds geometry into the room or use pendant lights above island bench-tops to help draw attention towards them.

5) Timber Floors

Using timber in your home gives it an earthy quality , grounding you within nature . It also works well with all types of color schemes due to its neutral tones.

6) Oriental Paints & Finishes

Painting walls red or black will automatically give your Japanese inspired interior design that oriental touch. For smaller rooms consider painting just one wall these intense colors while keeping the others white.

7) Earthy Textures

A great idea for creating a Japanese-style space is to use natural textures in your decorating scheme. For example, you could add wicker baskets and bamboo blinds throughout the home which will give it that organic feel your looking for.

8) Eastern Sculptures & Side Tables

Finally, don’t forget to add some Eastern sculptures or side tables into your design scheme! Most of these pieces come with intricate carvings which can add detail and intrigue to any corner of the room .

9) Blending With Nature

The best part about Japanese Interior Design is that it can be applied to all types of décor schemes and homes. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different colors, fabrics and textures when designing your living areas.

10) Tactile Textures

Add a bit of luxury into your home by including tactile textures such as silk or satin into your design scheme . For example, add a throw onto the end of your bed or use silk cushions when styling out your living room couch.


By combining traditional Japanese aesthetics with modern day materials and techniques, you can create a living area which truly makes you feel like one with nature. When beginning your design scheme, always think about how lighting, layout and color schemes will affect the overall appearance of your home.


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