Eclectic home decor ideas to scale up the look in budget

Your house is a piece of art that reflects your personality. The look of your house can create a good or a bad impression on the onlookers. As it resembles your personality, you should be very careful while choosing the way you decorate your home. The following 8 must-have eclectic home decor items are all easy to find and simple to purchase:

1) A beautiful art piece

art piece

Your home decor reflects who you are as a person. This is why it would be ideal to pick a piece of wall decor that goes with your personality. If you are more into art, then some big art pieces could work really well for you. If you’re an outdoors person having some wood carvings on the mantle above your fireplace would suit your style. The style you choose showcases your personality, so it is good to check what style you include in your interiors. Also, try to make sure that whatever lifestyle changes may come up in the future, they match the theme of your house. Going for art can easily do justice to it without going overboard on the price.

2) A statement rug

Eclectic rug

A rug can also help you scale up your house’s look. Sometimes experimenting with the floor can accentuate the overall look of your house. Investing in a good rug is like investing in a good art piece. The average-looking room can give out a whole modern and eclectic vibe by adding a statement rug. Rugs can not only bring life to your floors, but they also see to it that your furniture stands out. 

3) A small library

home library

Your books are not just for storage; they can actually accentuate the look of your rooms as well. As the article talks about the house being a glimpse of your personality, having a small library setup for all your books just beside your coffee table can give your room an eclectic look. You can have your coffee and spend as much time as you want at your library. You can also build it up as your cozy corner. In addition, this library can portray your love for knowledge. 

4) A television


Yes, you heard it right; a television can also accentuate the look of your house. Like Joey from friends asked, “what’s all your furniture pointed at?” and you know the answer “your television.” If you invest in a good piece of technology like television, then you are in good hands. Creating a proper space where your television can act as a piece meant to be a part of that area, then you won’t need to think much about the decorating stuff. It will give a sleek, simple yet elegant look to your home, which undeniably looks modern.

5) Cushions 


This one might seem like it’s common, but still, it can create notable changes. Many times having cushions noticeably changes the complete ambiance of the room. You need to understand the proper color schemes in which these cushions should be placed. You have to look into how these cushions go with the furniture and the walls. Only if they are in tune with the wallpapers and furniture will they enhance the room’s whole look. If done incorrectly, they can also debase the entire look. So you have to be very careful with the colors you choose to get that perfect eclectic home decor.

6) Flowers

interior flowers

Flowers are something that not only makes you feel relaxed but they enhance the mood of your home. While fresh flowers are a very good choice, getting a new bunch of flowers is not possible every day. So people also have plastic florals included in their home decor so they can feel the freshness from its evergreen look. This way, you can have a piece of nature surrounding you in your home and make you feel more calm and relaxed. If you are going for synthetic flowers, then the added benefit of color-coding them to be in tune with your walls is another way you can get your modern and elegant-looking home.


Creating a modern yet elegant home can be a bit of a task if you are unaware of certain simple tricks. Without going overboard on the prices, you can concentrate on certain details and functionalities to get your dream home. You can follow the above-mentioned eclectic home decor ideas to get that look you desire without denting your pockets. 

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