10 Black Interior House Design That Will Inspire You!

Building your own home is an admirable journey. From the very foundation to decorating your space, everything matters equally. In the case of decorating your home, you have to put your mind completely into it, especially when you are choosing the color combination. 

Some admire white, and some pink. But there’s one color that never goes out of trend. Yes, Black color. It makes an entire room look neat and tidy. If you color your walls black, the sense of order will be more assertive in any artwork or design object that has in its surroundings. That is why this article has ten black interior designs to adapt to the trend, which can easily transform your home.

Why is black interior designs is still in trend:

Black interior designs can be adapted in any space with ease, no matter the size. It is a color that does not attract much light, but it can make an impact at night.

Also, it has the advantage of being combined with other colors if you want to highlight or downplay some aspect of your décor or give more emphasis to a particular piece of furniture.

Combinations that looks awesome with black interior design: 

Good combinations with black n are mainly neutral tones, which balance the contrast of the walls with the rest. White is a clear example, but it can also be combined with light gray colors.

Combination that do not go with black interior design:

It will not combine well with bright or strong shades because you risk giving too much prominence to your space. Therefore, do not mix it with orange, yellow or red tones.

It is an innovative concept that allows you to decorate your home in a modern, casual and monochromatic way.

Things to Keep in Mind while  working with black interior house designs: 

  • The contrast of all-white furniture with dark walls.
  • Using elegant lamps in geometric shapes and avoiding the use of chandeliers.
  • Hanging light bulbs instead of using lamps on side tables.
  • Combining matte and glossy textures in furniture.
  • Using images with black frames on walls to add life to the apartment.
  • Use floors in black spaces without natural light.
  • Black color  hides dirt better than other colors.
  • Hang tapestries with images of cities to look more modern when you leave them hanging on walls.

The best combination so far with black decor is adding white to it. Hence, here is the list of 10 places where you can use black and white combination for your interior design. 

1.- Dining Room In Black And White 

 black and white dining room

Adding black interior  house design, allows white to stand out even more. Therefore, when doing your dining room in monochromatic, choose furniture and windows of the same color.

2.- Living Room In Black And White

black and white living room

A modern living room  perfectly illustrates how to decorate with black and white monochromatically. It is essential to maintain a balance between lights and shadows if you want to create a modern and elegant setting.

3.- Bedroom In Black and White

black and white bedroom

A modern bedroom decorated monochromatically is one of the most striking examples of how to adapt to this trend in black and white. You can easily make your interior design unique by bringing mystery with dark tones such as gray, brown, or blue, among others.

4.- Kitchen Bohemian In Black And White

Bold and eclectic, the kitchen has more than enough to adapt to this trend. The black and white combination is usually more successful when you add other colors.

5.- Studio Apartment In Black And White

A studio apartment is an ideal place to adopt this trend because it is small and there are few objects. Getting its living room in black, for example, would be a great idea if you combine it with white furniture that reflects light.

6.- Bathroom In Black and White

 Black and White bathroom

Black and white is a mix of styles that could not be any more appropriate for a bathroom. This combination is ideal for a bathroom because it is a very personal room, where you can get inspired by many different styles.

7.- Kids Room In Black And White

Black and white are colors to which children usually adapt easily. Painting the walls of your kid’s bedroom in these colors will create amazing room decor.

8.- Library In Black And White 

If you have a library, painting its walls in black is a perfect idea. Combine with wooden furniture and place some colorful books, so you get a modern environment.

9.- Coffee Shop In Black And White

A black and white design in a coffee shop is a modern and unusual idea. It is much more fashionable in a public space, as opposed to styling your personal space.

10.- Kitchen In Black And White 

 Black and White kitchen

Kitchens are spaces that lend themselves perfectly to be decorated monochromatically. In addition, the black and white combination is perfect for a retro- style kitchen.


The monochromatic decoration is a trend that uses only one color but with different shades and textures. The most successful way to add these designs to your home is by combining them with other colors such as white or natural wood.

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