Elegant black and grey living room ideas to try this winter

The living room is the face of your house. It is the room where you interact with your guests. If your room decor has any impact on visitors, you would want to show the best version of it. You might have often noticed that sticking to a modern style of the interior makes the home look dull or muted. And since the design of your house shows a part of your personality, you would not want to portray dismal ideas about yourself.

It is also known that colors have connotations attached to them. When used correctly, they can help you change the whole ambiance of your house. 

Black and grey, for instance, are colors that can bring out a whole new creative side of yours if appropriately used. It can also highly diminish the value of your living room when not used smartly.

Some ideas are discussed in this article that might help you change the look of your living room.

1. Emphasize one of your walls

Black and grey are a part of the neutral color palette and can look really great together if used proportionately. Black and grey living rooms are considered highly fashionable as they use some of the bolder shades but underdoing or overdoing any one color can ruin the whole look of your room. To be sure, you must consider emphasizing just one wall with the color. You can use the bolder color on one side of the wall and balance it with a lighter shade on the other walls. You can also use the darker shade on the ceiling and color the other walls in balancing the neutral shade. See to it that you emphasize only one wall at a time. It can be either a wall or a ceiling. 

2. Focus on lighting

interior lightning

When you are playing with such bold colors, you have to keep in mind that lighting should be optimal to illuminate your room perfectly. Lighting can play an important role in accentuating the whole look of the room. Lack of good lighting can make your room look dull and dark. With a proper balance of colors and optimum lighting, you can get your dynamic interior. With this color combination, you cannot skip the part of illumination. To bring out the whole trendy, modern and creative look of your room, you must focus on proper lighting. You can also use integrated LED lighting and add to the essence of creativity to your room. There is another way in which you can add on the look of your house. Allow small ways in which natural light can be focused inside the house for illumination. You can install glass panels or windows that allow sunlight directly into the room. This is the easiest way of adding life to your black in Grey living room. 

3. Accessorize smartly

You know that a black and grey living room is not a particularly conventional arrangement. You have to play smartly to get the desired modern look for your living room. Accessorize your room with things that naturally blend with the background. You can add art that not only balances the wall color on which it is hung but also accentuates it to the next level. You can also add photographs and photo frames to give the room your personal touch that blends with the theme of your living room perfectly. Accessorizing it smartly will give a modern and trendy outlook to your living room. You can also display some souvenirs or collectibles with light focusing on them inside a glass cabinet. 

4. Mirror mirror on the wall!

Using mirrors might not seem like a very good way of decorating your living room, but when you are playing with such dark tones as black and grey, having mirrors really helps. Mirrors have the property of reflecting light. Rooms with dark tones like black and grey need a lot of lighting to make every detail properly visible. For this, you can definitely work on optimal lighting for the room. But most of the time, it is hard to install so much lighting and completely enhance the look of the room. Using mirrors can solve this problem for you. The reflection property of the mirrors will help the light from one source to travel more inside the room and give a good illumination. With this, the room will look more spacious and lit up. Having black and grey as background colors can make your room look small; this issue will be dealt with using mirrors. 

5. Blend with hints of colors

You often find that using only black, grey, or white does not give uniqueness to your room. It is necessary that you have a certain statement piece to make your room special. This statement piece can be a piece of furniture or artwork, or it can just be a hint of a different color. For example, adding a hint of blue on a pillar and balancing it with some blue cushions on your white or black furniture can give you that unique feature, making your room stand out from other black and grey interiors. Also, remember that this hint of color should be added only to a small area so that it doesn’t overpower the black and grey shades covering your room. It should only act as an x-factor for your interiors and not the other way round. The remarkable decor ideas you can get by using these hints of colors can give a good upliftment for the whole background. You should also keep in mind that the colors you use should go with the room’s entire look and not just look odd on applying. 

Final touch-ups

You must also keep in mind that your home is not a showroom, and it should have your personal touches involved. Using a black and grey living room can go wrong and look really dull if it is not well thought off beforehand. Incorporating the design ideas properly is also necessary; only then can you get your chic living room decor.

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