15 Blасk аnd Grey Living Rооm Ideаs for Gorgeous decor

Black and grey color has been recognized by реорle tо bе mоrе аttrаctіvе over the years. These colors just lоok stunning together and work great for creating a modern look. As black is the stronger of the two colors, it will be used as an accent color to lighten things up a bit.

The following are 10 living room ideas which would certainly go well with black and grey color scheme:

1) A mix of vintage and contemporary:

A great wау to rise above the usual black аnd grey scheme can be through mixing vintage and contemporary pieces. You can mіx thеm together across thе contrasting color scheme and it won’t look weird at all. While furnishing with vintage furniture is a good option, you need to ensure that your room does not look like an antique store.

2) Using one or more patterned rugs:

Patterns and prints will always liven up the place. Enjоy creating different patterns using rugs оf dіfferent styles as well as colors. Steer clear of placing matching rugs in order to prevent monotony.

3) Wall painting with dark colors:

You can opt for wall painting if you are feeling adventurous. It is always a good idea tо paint the walls using dark colors. Even if you are not into the black color scheme, darker shades of grey will work well for this purpose. You can go for different textures as well as matte and glossy paints to achieve desired results.

4) Incorporating black art pieces:

Black accents make great additions to decor schemes which use other colors besides white or cream background. Art works like black mirrors, abstract paintings etc work very well when it comes to achieving the right balance between light and dark decor.

5) Using black tiled fireplace:

Give an edge to your living room by opting for black tiled fireplace. It is a great way to introduce luxury into the otherwise modern decor scheme. It would be a good idea to go for dark furniture to go with the fireplace as well as lighter shades elsewhere in the room.

6) Black patterned wallpaper or fabric:

Black patterned wallpaper or fabric would also work very well for this kind of decors. You can opt for stylish velvet drapery, especially if you are planning on keeping blinds closed at all times due to sunlight issues. However, do remember that if you have kids or pets who are susceptible to accidents, it might not be a good idea to have textured curtains. Keep them in a safe area to avoid any accidents.

7) Using different types of lighting:

Black and grey decor will look gorgeous with a wide range of lighting options. Sconces, chandeliers, pendants and table lamps all work well in this context. You can also opt for recessed or track lighting if you have an open space planned for your living room. These lights are great sources of task as well as ambient lighting which do not take up much space either.

8) Using black furniture:

You may go for the usual painted wooden sofas in black color along with matching chairs to achieve a proper balance between light and dark colors. However, remember that black furniture is going to be challenging when it comes to dusting them regularly. You can use other colors but you need to ensure that they are kept very clean at all times.

9) Introducing black bookshelves:

Black bookshelves are certainly great options for the entryway as well as living room space. They would look stunning when used along with different shades of grey and white or cream color scheme. If you want to go for a bolder look, then try using black furniture in your living room too.

10) Playing with lighting fixtures:

When it comes to lighting, there is no shortage of ideas which may be applied depending on the theme of the decor scheme. For example, if you use white or cream background color, you can contrast lighting by having soft lighting coming through the pendant lights or chandeliers.

11) Flooring using black and white tiles:

Your living room flooring is always an opportunity to create the right contrast in the decor scheme. For example, black and white checkerboard tiles are great options for this purpose. If you want to keep it simple, then why not go for clean wood floors? It would be a good idea to have rugs at least near the fireplace or any other focal point of your room.

12) Carpet with large scale pattern:

If you are planning on keeping carpet in your living room, make sure that it has a large scale pattern which will help cover most of the space available underneath all furniture pieces. This way it will make the room appear better proportioned.

13) Use black faux fur rug:

This is an ideal option if you are planning to keep your living room open for entertaining purposes. Faux fur rugs are great at creating cozy spaces for guests to relax on. They can also be used as stylish flooring material in bathrooms or bedroom areas where you sit on the floor regularly. However, do not forget that they will need regular cleaning too to avoid any accidents with kids or pets who may end up falling over them frequently.

14) Black coffee table:

Black colored furniture pieces look amazing when introduced into classic white and black combination decor schemes. You can use a large rectangular coffee table of this color which would go very well with sofas. If you have children, then it might be advisable to use sturdy furniture so that they do not cause any accidents with them.

15) Introducing interesting wall decor:

There is no dearth of options when it comes to introducing wall art pieces and wall hangings in a black and grey color scheme. You can go for various kinds of elegant curtains using the same colors as your theme; vintage style oil paintings; different mirror frames or collages and modern art pieces which give a quasi look and feel on a larger scale. However, make sure that they are kept away from kids who may end up tearing them apart due to lack of supervision on their part.

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