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Saturday, 10 December 2016

Avant-garde Ancient Stone Wall from Past Civilizations

ancient stone wall

Original ancient stone wall is mostly found in Egypt, Mesopotamia, South America, and other places which have been reported as having a great civilization in the past. The people were skilled and the buildings they made are incredible and avant-garde. Those buildings still exist, and one of them is the existing ancient stone walls.

Those incredible ancient stone walls were masterpieces from ancient stoneworkers. The technique of making those great ancient stone walls cannot be easily believed since they required complicated measurements. In addition, those ancient stone walls from the past were built and constructed in high precision fit of large stone blocks. It is quite hard to imagine how the people in the past could make a great building with ancient stone walls on it with the high precisions like that since the technique and the equipments were manual and all people involved in the building process were all manual workers.

The Mesoamerican cultures are well-known for its wonderful ancient stone walls. The stones used for building the walls were from obsidian, a very brittle volcanic glass. The use of obsidian was mostly for objects believed as sacred and had spiritual sense for example, earplugs. They were made by Aztec craftsmen and the equipments were polished to a thickness of less than a millimetre. What is impressing is that those earplugs contain high symmetrical. They were only made from simple ancient tools like stone chisels, bamboo drills, and sand as an abrasive.


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